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Phone number for BASE Inc., operator of the BASE online shop opening service, is listed here.
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Hours & Shop Information

群馬県公安委員会 古物商許可証 第421182020001号

定休日:不定休 ※買い付け中は発送業務をお休み致します。

Antique dealer license No. 421182020001 permitted by Gunma Public Safety Commission
Irregular holidays *Shipping will be suspended while away for making purchases.

About Price


The price includes tax.

Customs fees
For the international shipping, we do not collect customs fees.
Please note that you may be charged by your local customs office according to your country's rule.

About Payment Billing Date


We take PayPal for the payment.

Post pay(Pay ID):

・ Convenience store: Pay on the 10th of the month following purchase: Payment service fee: 350 JPY (tax included)

・ Bank account transfer: Debited account by the 27th of the following month : Payment service fee: Free

Bank Transfer:

Bank Transfer commission fee: 360 yen (w/ tax)

Shipping Date


We’ll ship within 5 workdays after your payment confirmed.

Notes on Refund and Returning Goods


We basically do not accept refund or return except the goods is defective.